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History of NOSE SEIKO
1961 Oct.
Hidekazu Nose, started an individual place, Nose Seiki Kogyosyo, in Higashi-Sumiyoshi Ward, Osaka to manufacture bearing parts.
1962 Dec.
Business relocated to Tatsumi-cho, Ikuno Ward, Osaka to accommodate expansion.
1964 May.
Business relocated to Tatsumi Oike-cho, Ikuno Ward, Osaka to accommodate expansion. Simultaneously NOSE SEIKO CO., LTD. established.
1966 Dec.
Head office and plant relocated to newly established premises in Kaminagasawa-cho, Higashi-Sumiyoshi Ward, Osaka.
1969 Oct.
The Second Plant started operations in the same Kamisawa-cho.
1975 Oct.
The sales of large-thrust bearings as own manufactured product started.
1979 May.

Company switches from manufacturing bearing parts to manufacturing and selling needle bearings (cam followers and roller followers).

1979 Dec.
Head office and plant relocated to Enmyo-cho, Kashiwara-city, Osaka to accommodate expansion.
1984 Oct.

New head office established and the production of needle roller bearings expanded .

1995 May.
Business entered global needle roller bearing market.
At the same time overseas sales activities and the production of needle roller bearings for overseas market started.
1997 Nov.
Nara Plant started operations at Techno Park Nara in Sugawa-cho, Gojo-city, Nara to accommodate expansion.
2004 Dec.
With full overseas sales network in place, sales bases expanded to include over fifty countries worldwide.
2005 May.
Started selling “JNS” brand to domestic market.
2009 Apr.
Promotion activity “FACE To FACE 2010” towards worldwide customers was started.
2010 Jun.
The first domestic distribution & production center was established inside of Head plant.
2011 Jan.
The world first stainless steel needle roller bearings were launched to sell.
2011 Sep.
New sales company, JNS Co., Ltd. was established.
2011 Oct.
Started global recruiting in Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore.
2013 Apr.
Global sales network, capable of responding in 11 foreign languages was created.
2013 Jul.
New items, combined type needle roller bearings, were launched to sell.
2013 Oct.
New items, double row cylindrical roller type cam followers and roller followers, were launched to sell.
2014 Jan.
Introduced humanoid robot to the assembly and inspection process.
2015 Jun.
Constructed Logistics Center to strengthen our prompt delivery system to our customers all around the world
2015 Dec.
Installed IoT System to keep track of the production efficiency 24/7
2016 Mar.
Establishment of the new Head Office (features including wheel-chair accessibility, elevators, barrier-free workspace, prayer room, multi-purpose toilets)  Assembly line is upgraded to achieve the same level of cleanliness as in a food factory.
2016 Mar.
JNS Research and Development Center was established.
2016 May.
The first JNS SUMMIT to commemorate the opening of the new Head Office. Customers from 20 countries visited our new head office.
Cam Followers / Needle Roller Bearings / Roller Followers
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